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Why? Why should self-dxers reconsider something they’ve probably spent a lot of time figuring out?

Because it is a serious condition that needs to be diagnosed by actual doctors. It isn’t fair on…

A lot of doctors won’t diagnose autism, especially aspergers, in adults because “they’ve learned to compensate”. So fuck the self-diagnosis hate.

Self-diagnosis is so fucking stupid and it should not be taken seriously by anybody. I’m sure doctors would agree with me. Also, if you’re not diagnosed, good! Why would you want to be autistic?

Actually, you are really wrong.  A lot of doctors (and quite a few autism researchers) are totally in support of self diagnosis. This would include the NHS, who support self-diagnosis for autism, especially in adults. Source

Diagnosis doesn’t make you autistic. If you’re autistic you’re autistic, and getting a piece of paper doesn’t change that. There are a lot of reasons it’s not best for a lot of people to get official diagnosis. 

Autistic people are fucking awesome.

And I’d put a lot of money on you also being one of these “fucking stupid” self diagnosers. Ever had a cold? The flu? Did you go to a doctor before you told people you had a cold? Did you even maybe *gasp* self-medicate?




For me and my friends growing up, being told things like ‘you have to wear this because that’s what boys wear” or “dresses are for not for your body type” was frustrating and a pretty bad time.

The bottom line for me is, if someone feels happier and more comfortable in a particular ‘type’ of uniform, then that’s something that should be encouraged, not punished. Students have enough to focus on at school, having to fight to be yourself shouldn’t be added to that.

That’s why we’ve launched a new campaign called Gender is Not Uniform.









I think it’s so fake how some pants have pockets that are sewn shut like be real with me don’t pretend to be something you’re not

ur supposed to seam rip them out 

its just so they stay flat and like not wrinkle before you buy them


im being serious like theyre actual pockets you have to rip out the seam 


everything makes sense now



its 20 fucking 14 can we stop pretending that online activism and general awareness campaigns “dont do anything” before i got on tumblr i was a racist sexist anti-feminist piece of garbage whos greatest understanding of any social issue was discrimination against white gay men and that trans people were “men trapped in womens bodies”

obviously something fucking right is going on so why dont you stop being pessimistic little shits.



the worst thing you can say to someone is ‘you’re too sensitive’ because that’s basically saying ‘you feel things more deeply and fully than I do and this inconveniences me because now I have to be more mindful of my own actions’ 

you’re not too sensitive, the world is just callous and stubborn. sensitivity doesn’t make you weak and callousness doesn’t make you strong.